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Customized Plans

We understand that no two companies are the same. We pride ourselves on creating a customized plan that is unique and beneficial to your company. Any of our services are available as a complete solution or partial service.

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Risk Management

Let us help reduce your credit risk by offering software to analyze existing and potential clients’ credit ratings and alert you to any adverse legal filings history.

Our goal is to help provide important risk information so you can make smarter informed decisions regarding extending credit to existing or potential clients.

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Order Entry Services
Our customer service representatives are ready to work with your existing order entry system to place client's orders and offer complete customer satisfaction.

Product Returns RMA
Inventory Management saves you money. Coupling that with a team able to bill your customers for unreturned product will reduce your inventory purchasing while retrieving dollars from lost inventory.

We will handle invoicing from start to finish saving you valuable time and money and most importantly increasing your cash flow.

A/R Outsourcing
Immediately reap the benefits of increasing the amount of contact your customers receive. We call as an extension of your company and not as a third party collections agency. We will hold true to your Credit Policy and decrease the number of accounts that go delinquent due to the increased amount of contact. Allow us to increase customer satisfaction as well as an increased collection rate all without increasing your payroll/benefits cost.

Some customers require a more assertive collection approach and we have many years of experience handling them. We will contact your customer until payment is resolved. We also have experience in attorney intervention if the situation needs to be escalated further.

Attorney Referrals
We have a database of attorneys all throughout the United States that are willing to assist in these types of accounts. We will assist in the process of placing these accounts to any of these attorneys.