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Accounts Receivable Outsourcing

Whether you need to enhance your existing AR activities or outsource the task completely, were ready to help.

Working as a seamless extension of your company, we will follow your company’s policies and procedures to address and resolve any issues delaying payment including, proof of deliveries, sales tax, disputes, payment plans, reconciliations and more. 

When making collection calls we have two goals, achieve a high collection rate and maintain the relationship you have built with your client. Communications with your customers are seamless to them that we are an outside agency assisting in the collection efforts.

Getting the money owed to you faster is a critical to your business, that’s why all payments collected are sent directly to you from the client. Our outsourcing services allow you choose the amount of help you need, freeing you to focus on growing your business. Allow us to help your company achieve total client satisfaction on a long-term basis.

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All collection accounts received by CRS will be aggressively pursued until resolved.

For difficult accounts that need a more assertive approach, we will strictly follow the policy outlined by you and your company. Any settlement or payment plan will be approved by you before an agreement is made.

We have the experience required to collect difficult accounts while maintaining a professional working relationship with your client. Should a collection account require legal action, we are ready to assist you with attorney intervention.


Do you have a lot of your companies money tied up in unreturned parts? CRS' P.A.R.T.S Program (Product Activity Returns Tracking Service) can assist in getting the inventory back on your shelves avoiding the need to purchase unnecessary inventory.

We will contact your clients regarding the unreturned inventory. If not returned, we invoice your customer for the cost of the product and then pursue for payment on your behalf as an Outsourced partner.




Credit Services

Accepting credit card payments from your customers is an effective and efficient way to collect payment in less time.
If credit card payments are something you always wanted to incorporate into your business but didn’t know how to go about it, let us help.

We will guide you through the process of setting up a successful credit card payment system.
If you already have a credit card system in place, we are ready to make recommendations where improvements can be made, saving you time and money.