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Mission: To build and maintain a strong working relationship as an outsource partner to achieve maximum financial results and to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction to our clients and their customers.

Cash Recovery Specialists, located outside of Boston, Massachusetts, serves customers throughout the United States. Providing more than 50 years of combined customer service and telephone collections experience, our staff can assist you with the appropriate collection approach and will adapt to any business situation to accommodate the collections-inventory process. This level of expertise enables us to deliver successful collections-inventory results and resolve business-related issues.

Our business focus is to provide you with a partnership designed to recover and save your company both time and money. Our professional staff has experience with large and small businesses in industries such as computer manufacturing, office supply retailers and advertising agencies. The extensive knowledge we have in these areas can be utilized to either expand the finance and service departments of your organization or to act as the main solution to your finance and customer service needs, all without the expenses of an increased payroll.